Who We Are

My husband (Heath Rawles) and I (Elizabeth Young) are British educators who successfully delivered UK government funded apprenticeships in many professional cohorts including Adult Care and Child Care for 19 years. We also had an Ofsted (government regulated) registered 60 place preschool from birth to 5 years old for 22 years. We came to Florida in 2014 to give our children the opportunity to pursue their tennis dreams, now that they are settled and older, we have the opportunity give back to the community using the expertise acquired whilst working with numerous care homes, assisted living centers and nursery schools.

The reality of COVID and our firsthand experiences with elderly relatives built our resolve to do all we can to ensure that families have access to quality care at home. Calm Care Inc. is a CHAP accredited, state licenced home health care agency delivering compassionate care, by empathic practitioners who share our vision of a professional service delivered in a calming, Gold Standard environment.

Meet Our Specialist

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