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Author: admin

Strength Exercising For Seniors

Strength Exercising For Seniors

We know how much you love your elders and how much effort you put in to see a smile on their faces. Well, do you know that exercise can also make them smile? Yes, it can! Exercise is very important…

Signs your Senior May Need At Home Care

Signs your Senior May Need At Home Care

We’re all used to hearing “no, everything’s fine” when we ask our seniors if they need us. We too, tend to miss out on it being so occupied ourselves. People age differently and so their needs are different. While many…

Owning a Pet

Owning a Pet

Greetings pet lovers! We all can agree that life would feel incomplete and lonely without a furry munchkin to play with. We loved it when our parents brought home our first baby (pet) and we loved it as we watched…

Minimizing with SunDowner Syndrome

Minimizing with SunDowner Syndrome

How throbbing it is to see our loved ones struggling through agitation and confusion as the day starts to settle, and the dawn comes to the rest. We know seeing your nearest and dearest in Alzheimer’s is shattering and then…

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All staff at Calm Care are trusted provided and have to go through stringent checks including:

Level 2 FBI fingerprint check

      Social Security Number Verification

      Government Sanctions checks (records on persons associated with fraud, terrorism, and drug trafficking)

      Multi-State Criminal Search (includes Nationwide Sex Offender Registry)

      Federal Criminal Record

      Florida driving record

      Florida Board of Nursing RN license verification and clearance for CNAs

Calm Care is a home healthcare agency that aims to provide good quality and compassionate care at affordable rates. 

NOTE: Calm Care Inc. does not operate any emergency medical services. In case of emergency call 911 immediately for assistance.

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