A True Devotion To Caregiving

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their families by providing them effective help. We go through a personal caregiver who will serve both as a nurse and a companion. With our professional health care assistant by your side, we assure you that he/she will empower you to make better decisions about your family member’s health issues. Be it the elderly in your house or a person facing a terminal illness. We will make sure they feel the comfort of a calm and friendly caretaker that will improve their health and make them hopeful about their life once again.

Caring Hearts & Healing Hands

We believe that if you have a skilled, friendly, and empathetic alongside you or your family member, your health will improve significantly. We hope to provide you with a caring hand that aims to heal you both physically and mentally. Our nursing staff, therapists are certified individuals who have greater emotional intelligence, a desire to help people. They are brimming with compassion and they channel it through giving care and companionship to you or your family member. They will help you cope up with your health through various therapeutic techniques. From all-time nursing to planning diets to taking you on therapy sessions. They do it all perfectly with your betterment in mind.

Our Companion Health Care Service Is Close To Home And Closer To Your Heart. Make Us Your All-Time Caregiver Right Away


A Call Back

Calm Care is a home healthcare agency that aims everyone should be able to access good quality and compassionate care at affordable rates. However, we do not employ or recommend any care provider.

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