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How To Convince Your Senior Loved One To Eat More

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How To Convince Your Senior Loved One To Eat More

Aging is a melodramatic phenomenon. Other than wrinkles, sagging skin, and grey hairs, it is a lot more. Despite the fact that the person is growing up, he is actually subsiding down. If you have parents who have crossed fifty or grandparents, I am sure you know what we are talking about.
The more these loved ones are aging, the added are challenges. The challenges of making them have proper meals, challenges of taking them to clinics, and whatnot. However, despite that all, you still have to be very considerate. If you witness changes in their appetite, don’t just overlook it. It is one of the biggest signs that your dear ones need adjustments in their munching options.
Challenges With Elders
Observe if they are able to chew and digest the food properly or if there’s any dental issue, and then look for more food options. Though with age, appetite gets reduced, the shift is not too swift, it’s gradual and steady. Earlier what they loved to eat, they might not like now. You have to understand that their taste buds are changing and they might have digestive issues.
If you have elders in your home who are losing their hunger or refuse to take food, the first thing you need to do is, get them checked by a doctor. Take them to the concerned specialist and go for different assessments. If it’s just a matter of age, then we have the right tactics for you but if it’s some medical problem, continue with the medicinal process.
Tips To Convince Aging Loved Ones To Eat
Following are some tips to trick your elders and make them munch on the right food. All of these are experts’ advice and are known beneficial to promote healthy eating for elder loved ones.

1. Make Easy To Chew Meals

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As said earlier, your elders might be juggling with chewing issues as when aging, teeth start to get weak and often lose their vigor. Try to make soft foods and smoothies, so your elders don’t have issues chewing or gulping them. Some best options for soft fruits and smoothies are:
• Fruit yogurt
• Berries smoothies
• Overnight oats
• Chia pudding
• Bread with peanut butter
• Banana dates shake
• Protein broth
• Mashed vegetables
• Scrambled eggs

2. Add Flavors To Their Food

Changes in the taste buds often make food bland and boring, therefore, it’s recommended to make food that has plenty of flavors and is colorful yet toothsome. Opt for flavors that can make food more appetizing and tasty. If your loved one likes the tangy flavor, add flavors of lime and lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruit but if they like savory, you can use zucchini, mushrooms, peas, olives, etc. Likewise, for sweet taste buds, go for foods like sweet potato fries, apple pies, etc.

3. Cook What They Love

Plan meals according to these dearies liking. They might have loved sandwiches earlier but can’t eat now due to its heavy stuffing. Go for options that are fitting to their taste, yet not very heavy. Go for light food like classic sandwiches with minimal sauces, chili with fewer spices, pasta, etc.

4. Serve Smaller And Nutritious Portions

Don’t rush and get your skates on feeding these seniors their favorite food. Allow them to have smaller portions. No matter how many times a day, but serve them in smaller portions. This trick works a hundred percent and our elderly ask for food themselves. However, make sure these portions are nutritious. Include carbs, proteins, etc., and make it a wholesome meal.

5. Accompany Them

Company is important for everyone. No matter kids or elders, we all need someone to talk to. Make sure while you are feeding your senior loved ones, you sit beside them and have the food yourself too. It’s not necessary to munch on the same one, you can get your own food too. What all matter is a company and they’re good to go.

Track What’s Fruitful

It is not necessary that all these tips will work out for your elders. It’s you who will have to monitor results and track what’s progressing and what’s not. Pick out the foods that your senior one enjoys eating and the ones they hate eating. Also, analyze at what time they are willing to eat and at what time they are uncooperative. This practice will help you streamline your choices and you can avoid all those options that are not working.

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