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Minimizing with SunDowner Syndrome

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Minimizing with SunDowner Syndrome

How throbbing it is to see our loved ones struggling through agitation and confusion as the day starts to settle, and the dawn comes to the rest. We know seeing your nearest and dearest in Alzheimer’s is shattering and then them, battling through sundowner syndrome is yanking, but you don’t have to lose hope, my friend!
You have to help them cope with it all and minimize this change. No worries if the triggers get active as night approaches, but you, you have to be calm. Handle all those disorientations calmly and ensure their security. In the end, the close of war is tranquility and we together have to make this happen.
You are here because you are concerned. We know you have dearests who have sundowning syndrome and are exhibiting behavioral changes as the sun starts to set, but we are here to say, please don’t worry. We are aware that this phase is challenging but you have to take care of yourself. Remember that you can’t fill others’ cups if yours is empty. Be strong, mentally, emotionally, and physically, so you can not only take care of these loved ones but guard them, and aid them to come out of this uncertainty.

Symptoms To Not Overlook

An old inquiry from twenty-eleven states that symptoms of discomfort in Dementia are not uncommon. During this condition, people often suffer through delusions and hallucinations and are wandering but when contacted with this syndrome, these people often fear dusks. As soon as the day begins to change into night, people with sundowners feel a high level of anxiety. Panic attacks, discomfort, and paranoia become companions that they never wanted.
Though it can be difficult to analyze at home if the patient is suffering through sundowner syndrome or not, look for the below indications. If not surety, at least you’ll get a sign that yes, something is happening and your dearie might need a doctor.
• Insomnia
• Mood changes
• Restlessness, late afternoon
• Emotional outbursts
• Yelling and shadowing
• Increased stress level
• Social isolation
• Sudden sadness
If you are observing such activities in your Alzheimer’s patients as particular or dementia patients as whole, please be careful with the way you treat them. Consider taking them to a neuropsychiatric doctor. Get some medicines, but most importantly, treat them best at home.

Some Tips To Treat Sundowner Patients

Below are some expert-recommended tips and tricks to manage sundowner syndrome symptoms. Applying them, you’ll soon see constructive results, which will bring peace of mind for your loved ones.

Look Out For Triggers

Keenly observe what type of environments and activities initiate such conditions. You can also hire a caretaker and ask them to make a list of all that prompts the patients and leads them to fear, fatigue and discomfort.
Continue this drill for over a week. You will soon realize the weak points and now try your best to alter them. If daylight turning into nightlight is an issue, alter it with artificial lights. Change the environment and add in things that make them happy. It could be lamps, books, candles, plants, and whatsoever.

Encourage Walking

Specialists believe walking is one of the best tools to let go of fears and anxieties. According to them, even a thirty-minute walk can lower heart rate, ease anxiety and stimulate the mood. A study by web MD states that walking helps in boosting the mood.

As confirmed by them, walking increases the blood flow and circulation to the brain and body, which has a progressive influence on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. This HPA axis deals with stress response and with walking, it helps to cease all the stress.
Initially, take people with sundowner syndrome to a walk during dawn time and them gradually after sunsets to amputate their fear. However, don’t force.

Be Gentle

It is crucial for you to be gentle with your loved ones. Syndrome sufferers or not, you must be kind to everyone. Help your dearies set a routine, give them rest and relaxation and find a list of some soothing and calm music. Make sure to validate their feelings; it is one of the best things you can do for a sundowner syndrome sufferer.

Sundowning is draining. People with this syndrome are battling with life on a daily basis. If you know someone, who is struggling with this, please be gentle. They need your kindness and tenderness. Make sure to give them the maximum of your time. Otherwise; hire a nurse or a caregiver. They are professional and might help the patient come out of this ailment.

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