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Owning a Pet

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Owning a Pet

Greetings pet lovers! We all can agree that life would feel incomplete and lonely without a furry munchkin to play with. We loved it when our parents brought home our first baby (pet) and we loved it as we watched them grow. Your pet was the reason why going away for college seemed so hard and why it was crucial to return home in the holiday season. There’s no better feeling than coming home to your precious angel eagerly waiting to see you. Whether it was your dog wagging its tail and jumping with delight, or your little bird screaming with joy; animals have their silly ways to show love.

The bond between a human and animal always tends to be the purest form of relationship. Unfortunately, our pets are bound to outgrow us at one point. But why should that stop us from adopting another beautiful soul full of love? One of the biggest reasons to get a loving pet while growing old is that they will be your antidote for loneliness.

There are many pieces of research on this subject that list the benefits of owning a pet. Apart from a great company, your pet would do as much as protect your heart and mental health, and improve your mood! So, in case you struggle with cardiovascular problems, depression, anxiety, or loneliness, you know what to do!

While owning a pet has its foot-long list of benefits, there are some downsides you should be careful with. It’s always better to choose a pet who’d work best according to your condition. Here is a list of animals with their potential shortcomings that you need to consider:

Dogs: The small ones are feisty and require high maintenance. The bigger breeds are difficult to carry. And unfortunately, these dogs love getting babied. Plus, you will need to move around for their physical activity needs.

Cats: Although one of the best options, these furry pals have a lot to shed! And they tend to escalate from peace to war out of the blue, which can hurt if their nails are sharp…Ouch!

Birds: Another great option, but they may require a huge cage depending on their breed. Being so entertaining, they need a lot of toys for their stimulation as well.

Although, you keep any pet regardless if you have someone to check up on your pet every once in a while. If not, just hire a pet-sitter to care for your buddy. Everything else aside, you can keep many other animals such as fish or cute reptiles (we too thought of geckos). However, you should go for an adult animal when adopting. As cute as baby pets are, they require a lot of maintenance and training since they’re too young to be independent.

If you’re convinced by now and wondering where you can buy a pet, you should visit an animal shelter. This way, you’ll get to interact with your potential ‘bestie’ before committing to a pet-ownership. Plus, you’ll be saving a life as they get euthanized when there’s a lack of resources. These animals spend a low-grade life in shelters and show great appreciation when you give them the luxury of living a comfortable life with you. If you’re not able to visit a shelter, there are other options. Simply search up an online pet market on the internet and choose your favorite animal! You can also keep an eye on anyone willing to rehome their pet.

Owning a pet is one of the healthiest coping mechanisms for many struggles in life. Life can feel lonely when your loved ones move or pass away. Although, that does not mean we waste our golden age in sadness. A beloved pet can never fail to give your life meaning and purpose. Take your time to find a pet that suits you and you’ll have a friend brighten up days and make you feel young again!

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