The Skill To Heal, The Spirit To Care

Our firm solely exists to make respite health care more convenient and affordable. We want you to live your life to the fullest and that is possible with our qualified and experienced caretakers and therapists on your side. Since we are ardent believers of the concept that effective healthcare is not a privilege – it is a right. Therefore we make sure that we cater to all – be it physiotherapy, occupational, language, or speech therapy. In addition to this, we do all that while being mindful of your condition. We promise you will find comfort when you hire a caretaker who is more of a friend than nursing staff.

A Friend and Caregiver – All-In-One

The certified caretakers we employ do not wear capes – yet they are way better than any superhero you have heard of. They are friends and your nurses. They will listen to you, the apprehensions you have, and will make you feel better with warmth as well as their skill to heal. Persons recovering from surgery, as well as homebound elderly, we believe are in need of a friendly and thoughtful caretaker who will analyze their situation and cater to their needs accordingly. We promise you will never feel alone with our solicitous caregiver constantly being there for you. With that, we are hopeful you will be recovering in no time.

We Aim To Build A Healthy Community While Channeling Our Inner Altruism And Compassion. So Give Us A Chance


A Call Back

Calm Care is a home healthcare agency that aims everyone should be able to access good quality and compassionate care at affordable rates. However, we do not employ or recommend any care provider.

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