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Signs your Senior May Need At Home Care

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Signs your Senior May Need At Home Care

We’re all used to hearing “no, everything’s fine” when we ask our seniors if they need us. We too, tend to miss out on it being so occupied ourselves. People age differently and so their needs are different. While many of them claim to be doing well, that is not the case in reality.

There is more to old age apart from homemade chicken soup and wholesomeness. This golden phase of life has its fair share of ups and downs. The down – mainly being the gradual degeneration of bodily abilities which can make everyday life a struggle. Hence it’s important to keep an eye out for all possible signs that your elderly person needs support at home.

Start noticing because a little involvement goes a long way! While considering at-home care, you first need to know the extent of help needed by your elder. Many times, our elders conceal their issues because they don’t want to cause us to worry. If this is the case, you need to have clear communication to help them ease into the idea of dependency and get looked after. Apart from what they reveal, you can look for these obvious signs which will reveal their need for at-home care.

Hygiene: This is the biggest giveaway of whether someone or not look after themselves. It is easy to notice a cluttered home and undone laundry and dishes. What’s harder is to notice is their personal hygiene. Bad body odor is a clear red flag here.

Mood: Notice their behavior for any abrupt changes. Confusion, memory loss, and sudden change in emotions can indicate common geriatric illnesses like Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Mobility: If you’re noticing frequent falls, it’s high time you intervene. Losing balance in old age is dangerous and leads to fractures and injuries. This will only escalate problems further and make your elder completely bedridden. Notice if they are able to move around easily and call for help if it’s not the case.

Absent- Mindedness: Are you noticing unpaid bills and unread posts in their mailbox? Overdue bills are a warning sign for memory issues and it is unsafe for bills to remain unpaid. Losing electricity can lead to many mishaps during the night. So, keep a check on their actions for their safety.

Weight: If you notice a change in their weight, they could be in trouble. Either caused by disease or lack of ability to plan and cook meals – it can lead to weight loss.

Schedule: Is your elder taking their prescribed meds on time every day? Are they showing up for their routine checkups and appointments? If not, they could be struggling with forgetfulness and staying unorganized as an effect of another illness.

Isolation: Most elders struggle with loneliness with their declining social life. It could also be caused by depression or some other mental health issue. Look for signs of loneliness in your beloved senior to protect their health from getting affected further.

Changes are hard for seniors for various reasons. Their declining brain activity makes adjusting very difficult for them. They have already suffered a lot from ups and downs by the time they reach old age. From dying loved ones to dying careers and dying memories – changes are a source of sorrow, frustrations, and negativity. However, you can comfort your beloved senior into getting help by making this transition as easy as you can.

Nothing can replace the beauty and comfort of one’s own home. And so seniors prefer at-home services than being displaced in an old home. Thus, you need to know the limitations of your brave elder before contacting an at-home care service. Knowing their issues will help you communicate their needs to the agency and hire the best-suited caregiver.

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