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Strength Exercising For Seniors

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Strength Exercising For Seniors

We know how much you love your elders and how much effort you put in to see a smile on their faces. Well, do you know that exercise can also make them smile? Yes, it can! Exercise is very important to live a happy, healthy, and strong life, especially for seniors. Exercise makes bones strong, promotes mobility, reduces body pain, and prevents falls. It is also an act to stay happy, active, and confident. If your seniors have not included strength exercise in their routine then they are really missing out on the magic to live a healthy life. To ensure that your loved ones live an amazing life, here are a few of the best exercises that will sweat them less and will benefit them more. The following exercises will help your elder to make their body fit in a safe, fun, and effective way and will keep them strong forever!

Strength Training Exercises: Easy and Effective Approach!

Before beginning, you must make sure that your seniors are wearing proper joggers and properly dressed up to benefit the most of the training exercise. However, you’ll start observing the changes after a few days when your seniors do daily strength training exercises. Let’s have a look at a few of the most effective strength exercises.


The squat is the best exercise to keep your limbs fit and strong. It helps your seniors to perform tasks like climbing the stairs or picking up things from the floor. Thus, squatting helps in easy bending of the back and knees

To perform squats, stand straight, spread your arms straight and push your hips back. Then bend your knees slowly and move your body up and down, giving all the pressure on your heels. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times. If your senior is facing a problem in doing squats you can give them support with the help of a chair. Performing squats by placing the chair in the front and bending with its support makes it quite easier for the elders.


Wall pushups are the modified version of floor pushups, for seniors. To do this exercise, find a wall and stand against it such that you are facing it directly. Place your palms on the wall and move your legs behind at a comfortable angle such that you lying perpendicular to the wall. Then push your arms and move backward slowly and then squeeze your arms to move closer to the wall. Move your body back and forth up to 10 to 15 times with all the pressure on the wall.

Once you have mastered the wall pushups, you can shift to countertops, then benches, and then finally to ground increasing your hardness level. Make sure that your elder does not exert too much stress on their body, otherwise it will cause them more pain in their body.


Another easy and effective exercise for your elders is marching. Marching helps in making your thighs fit and your legs strong. It benefits the seniors to easily move and bend their legs and increases their stamina to walk easily even long distances.

Performing this exercise is very easy. For this, you need to stand straight and lift your left knee first in the bending position close to your body to the maximum height you can. Then repeat the same step for the right leg. March like soldiers and repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times. You can even use the chair to give your elders extra support for easy marching.


Shoulder Rolls is a very easy exercise for seniors. This exercise can be done either in a standing or seating position as it involves the rolling of the shoulders only.

In this exercise, you have to rotate the shoulders gently in the upward direction and then move the shoulders back and down. Repeat the same rotation but now in the forward direction. Perform this shoulder rolling exercise 10 times daily.


Last but not the least, the dead bug is one of the most important exercises that makes the entire body fit and strong. It helps your elders to maintain their stability and strengthen their backbone.

To perform this exercise, lie straight on the floor and raise your knees and arms up in the air. Then slowly bend your knees and push your small portion of your back onto the floor. Make sure to keep your knees bent and core tight, then move one leg downwards and the opposite hand behind. Then slowly lift your leg and hand back in the starting position. Repeat the same steps for the other leg and hand.  Do this exercise 10 to 15 times in a cycle paddling motion, Make sure your senior does not exert force on the neck.

These are the five essential strength exercises that your seniors should daily do, to live a happy and energetic life. Forget about buying fancy gym equipment! Just gear up yourself, wear your joggers, tighten your belt and start exercising! Good Luck

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